Thursday, January 28, 2010

Into the land of Blogs!

Today, I am stepping out into the larger world. I am blogging... see? So perhaps there is little to blog about, but we can overcome this, after all I spent all day today talking to little bits of airplanes, and I'm sure the internet falls onto the same level somehow.

The first question here must be what, and then why. Definitions people, then you may make your arguments!

So I am me, here is my definition. I am a wanderer currently trapped in a state (let me say that there are mountains, plains, blue sky, and cities) and I cannot wait to leave, but not until the end of summer. I have applyed to Graduate School, but am waiting to see how said applications pan out. I am a recent de-convert of Christianity and activly dislike the faith and thus think quite a bit about what it means to be an 'atheist' and 'freethinker.' I have a love affair with ideas, thus I hope to study philosophy (regardless of what I do).

I think with that you can have an idea of me, perhaps not much of one, but I like to ask questions, listen to ideas, and talk. So I expect other people to do the same. Let us see what comes of it.